WaDoor UP

WaDoor UP

Posted On: November 15, 2009
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WaDoor is a screen-object proposal for both the home and public spaces. It is a door that turns into a screen. The screen is low tech, formed of a sheet of electro-luminescent paper that configures 640 pixels. The door-screen is controlled by software that enables users to ‘post-produce’ its configuration according to specific use and environment.
This project has two objectives:
- propose digital ‘wallpaper’ that can carry programmable, large format information or atmosphere displays; 
- enable the creation of personalized environments composed of atmospheres and patterns, in a reactive and recreative choreography. 

Project description 

WaDoor is a door-screen with a low resolution electro-luminescent surface. It is composed 16*40 ‘EL pixel’ modules. Each EL bulb can be piloted individually, allowing users to write information messages or draw patterns. The system is connected to a computer to download files and as a door serves as a man-machine interface that reacts to direct body movements. 
Carte Blanche du Via grants 2008