Posted On: April 8, 2011
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The project “MO” has won the first prize at the 2011 third annual Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology

The “MO” (research project Interlude) is a research project exploring novel gestural interfaces for musical expressions. The interaction paradigms are centered on collaborative use of gestures, body movements and touch. As a matter of fact, a first part of the project focuses on the design of modular tangible interfaces capturing a wide range of gestures. The interfaces can be assembled to form an ensemble of connected objects communicating wirelessly. A central concept is to let users determine the final musical function of the working objects, favoring customization, assembling, repurposing. This includes assembling the wireless interface with existing everyday objects or existing musical instruments.

A second part corresponds to associate the objects manipulation with advanced real-time gesture and music software that allows users to adapt their gesture to play, manipulate, transform sounds they chose. The system responds to fine gesture and action variations, leading to powerful expressivity. Methaphors inspired by orchestra conducting, DJ or even sport games are experimented.

The third part allows the user to visualize scores, gesture and sound elements, incorporating portable displays (e.g. picoprojector) in the interaction, avoiding a frontal view as generally found in gaming.

The consortium brings together leading academic research centers on music technology (IRCAM, Grame), startup companies (Da Fact, Voxler), a music school (Atelier des Feuillantines) and a design company specialized in digital media ( As a matter of fact, a premise of the project is to grant a key role of designers in the research process and leading product to the market